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New Mega Arena for Jallikattu

The DMK leader M.K. Stalin, when he was working President of the party, stood delighted when party cadres gifted him a dark black bull on his 65th birthday on March 1, 2017, hailing his efforts in getting the ban on ‘Jallikattu’, the traditional bull taming sport, lifted in Tamil Nadu..... Subscribe

Philosopher who warned of Communalism

Teachers and students often bond organically just as they share a dialectical relationship. Teachers are not just initiators of the young and starry-eyed into the realm of knowledge but also inspire their students in ways that impact the learning process itself and their outlook to life.... Subscribe

Harnaaz Sandhu-An Inspiring Miss Universe

From a young girl with fragile mental health who faced bullying and body shaming, Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu has come a long way to realize her true potential and win the Miss Universe 2021 Title to bring India’s name on the world stage again.... Subscribe

'Magizhini'- First Tamil Musical Video on Two Girls' Love Goes Viral

Magizhini implies Happiness personified or Joy personified. Only Tamil scholars and Tamil lovers give the name to their girl children and it is not that familiar a name in Tamil Nadu.... Subscribe

Friedrich Nietzsche’s Love Life and his Terrible Heartbreak

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the astonishingly great and at times controversial German Philosopher and Culture Critic (October 15, 1844 to August 15, 1900) who began his career as a classical philologist before turning to Philosophy, had left an indelible mark in the intellectual annals of modern Europe.... Subscribe