Political Window

Haridwar Hate Speeches a Shame

The Banality of Evil. Hannah Arendt, the German-American influential political thinker of the 20th century, who propounded this ‘thesis’ while reporting the war crime trials of a Nazi operative Adolph Eichmannin the context... Subscribe

VP Singh More than Mandal Game-Changer

It was sometime in 1988. Vishwanath Pratap Singh (VP) was already riding a popular wave in urban middle class India, crusading against corruption and advocating transparency in governance, going around the country as ‘Jan Morcha’ leader, the outfit he led after resigning from the Congress... Subscribe

Nagaland Carnage-Focus on AFSPA

Mon district in Nagaland, bordering Myanmar, witnessed an outrageously shocking spectacle on December 4 evening (Saturday) when 14 civilians and a soldier were killed in the politically-sensitive NorthEastern state in a ‘botched counter-insurgency’ operation... Subscribe

Centre-State Ties Nosedive 12 Rajya Sabha MPs Suspended in Winter Session

The winter session of Parliament began in Delhi with a bang on November 29. The Narendra Modi-headed BJP Government repealed the three contentious Farm Laws, sadly without a debate on the first day of the session, just as they hustled through the three Farm Bills in 2020 without any discussion.... Subscribe

Amit Shah’s Hindi Love, a Thorn of discord

Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s recent clarion call to make Hindi and other indigenous languages “so strong that we do not need to take the help of a foreign language by 2047” and that he loves Hindi language more than his mother tongue Gujarati has come as a shock to people of non-Hindi speaking states... Subscribe