Melting Pot

Thirukkural in Spiritualism Row

The great German Philosopher Immanuel Kant said, “a Good will is Good in itself, not because of what it effects or accomplishes.” If Good will hinges on an external goal then it is like any other cause-effect chain, not ‘Moral’.... Subscribe

Vibrant Murals of Sittannavasal

The Sittannavasal Jain rock cut caves are situated on top of a rocky hill in the Pudukkottai District of Tamil Nadu. The caves are known for the vibrant wall and roof murals. Sittannavasal is a Tamil word, which means ‘the abode of the great saints’.... Subscribe

Christian Scholars & Dravidian Studies

India is a secular multicultural country blessed with linguistic pluralism, ethnic diversity and religious variety. Its strength is the unity in diversity-its diversity is more important than its unity.... Subscribe

Grammatica Damulica - The shortest route to learn Tamil

Ziegenbalg regularly invited Tamil guests and visitors to his home for discussions on diverse themes ranging from religious faith to social customs to agriculture. Their conversations expressed their memories and perceptions of histories, socio-cultural habits and the Tamil language.... Subscribe


In 1991, I had the privilege of holding in my hands a hard copy of the Grammatica Damulica, the first Latin-Tamil Grammar that was printed in Germany.... Subscribe